Phlster Skeleton Discomfort

What firearm are you using? I carried a Glock 26 in a PHLster skeleton and had the exact discomfort you are describing. I switched to a Glock 19 and it went away completely.

Oak City Tactics

The easiest suggestion is to move to a spotlight or floodlight. It seems contrary but the larger holster is more comfortable IMO. One of the most uncomfortable holsters I ever tried was the Raven VG2. That little pointed bottom with the lanyard hole stabbed and rubbed me all day. The Dremel helped me take it off. It’s little things like that, that make huge differences as you are seeing. You could try the padding but you really shouldn’t have to. It’s an indicator that the holster is not a good fit for your body why fight it? The open edge of the Eidolon bothered the heck out of me. The same holster with the enclosed and rounded bottom is still the most comfortable I’ve ever worn. Little things.


Quantified Performance
Moving to a longer gun could potentially solve the issue by moving where that corner is at. Otherwise get a classic or one of the new pro series and that should alleviate your issue. Still very streamlined holsters but they have more features that help minimize discomfort.