Pew Pew Solutions - #GETLEARNED 2023 – A FORCE ON FORCE TRAINING EVENT…, April 22-23 2023 - UTAH


A momentous training event unlike any other… this event will be 2 full days of force on force (FoF) training from some of the worlds most respected instructors in their disciplines. After seeing so many serious shooters, who enjoyed and were passionate about training, but had never had the opportunity to participate in any force on force training, we decided that this event must happen. We are brining a curated selection of condensed FoF training available right here to UT, for a weekend that is surely to build and contribute to the defensive mindset and skillset of the serious self defense practitioner. This event is open to professionals, experts and beginners alike.

All training blocks will be 8 hours of training (with a 1 hour lunch break mid day), so plan on full, exhausting days. Each training block will be limited to 12 students, providing a better than industry average instructor to student ratio to maximize the learning potential. Each student will have the opportunity to sign up for 2 x 8 hour training blocks of their choice – registration for training blocks will be offered in the order of registration for the event, so those who commit early will be more likely to get the exact blocks they prefer. That being said, the event has been planned with only the best training available, so all participants will receive great training.

This is a Non-lethal munition based training event using UTM marking rounds and other training weapons (Provided).