Peltor Tactical 500 Ear Pro - A Review


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I had been using a set of Howard Leight Impact Sports for ear pro for about 3 years. Those were pretty good. I've found myself at the range significantly more recently so I decided to upgrade the ear pro. Initially the YouTube review by Mrgunsngear was my first exposure to them. Yeager actually made a decent video about them too. I opted for the 500s for the blue tooth connectivity feature and increased NRR feature. I still use the old surefire shot time app at the local indoor range so being able to hear it in the headset without the use of a cable is a significant gain.

I got mine from Joe Bob Outfitters for about $132 shipped. MidwayUSA had offered them for $111 but the back order time was unknown. I waited about a week after the initial backorder estimate passed and cancelled the order. Fall qual season was fast approaching so getting them in hand sooner rather than holding for the lower price was important. They can usually be found for $149.99 with a few other places going to $139. Many vendors happened to be out of stock at the time.

So far I've spent a few hours at the indoor range shooting, a day as a range instructor and two days at an outdoor, semi-covered range. The sound reduction versus the Impact Sport is significant. I'm quite pleased. Some amazon reviews say the head band crushes big heads. I could see how that might happen. I wear a 7.5 fitted hat and at the end of a long day you notice some pressure on the side of the head but nothing that makes you want to praise the lord when the last round of the day has been fired. The Bluetooth works as advertised. You can listen to music or hear your chimes and dings. We’re not talking Beats quality sound here but that's not what they are marketed for. You’re supposed to be able to use the microphones for cell calls but if I'm shooting, I'm not on the phone. I'll leave the range to take the call. My new portable radio is supposed to be Bluetooth enabled. I will have to see if I can pair the radio and headset and see how that works. The sound quality when your listening to the world through the headset is really, really good. I have caught myself several times wondering if they are turned on when listening to range instructions because the sound is almost like you're not wearing ear pro at all. The voices sound completely natural without the lid almost staticky din I’m used to in electronic ear pro. The gunfire is muted significantly yet tiny sounds are almost amplified. Trigger reset is clearly noticeable and rounds hitting steep as far as 200 yards away sound like rounds hitting steel 200 yards away. The band has gaps in it that are supposed to allow for the button in top of a fitted hat to sit in and not crush the crap out of your skull. I haven't run it with a hat for an extended period but a quick try on says it's true. So no more need to find ball caps without the button. I had no issues with cheek weld when shouldering a carbine. The band itself is pretty thick. I doubt it'll find under a helmet. I'm not even going to try. You may be able to separate the band from the ear cups to mount to a helmet. Heard it somewhere but I'm not up to that level yet.

They are supposed to be compatible with the gel ear cups from other Peltor models. They run $50 by themselves. I'm not really sure I will get them. The existing padded cups are pretty good.

For reference, I have never used Sordins of any variety so I cannot compare them.

I’m very pleased with 500s. If you're looking for new ear pro or an upgrade you should look at these. Christmas is coming after all.


I received my pair of 300's on Monday. I debated between the 300's & 500's and ultimately decided that I don't need the Bluetooth functionality. I was going to get the 500's for the better NRR rating but looking at the test chart I didn't see a large enough difference to justify the added cost.

As far as the ear cups go I did splurge for the gel cups and have to say from the very limited time I have used the headset they are worth it. They are a bit tough to get seated but I managed to do it without breaking anything.

I am also coming from HL Impact Sports and triple flange plugs. The plugs always dampened sound better than the HL's but I want to protect from bone conduction also.

Tomorrow will be my first range trip with them and am looking forward to trying them out.


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Does not pass up an opportunity to criticize P&S.
Played around and connected the headset to a Motorola APX6000 via the Bluetooth. Connection is instantaneous when you power on the headset so I can hear coms directly in the headset instead of filtered through the headsets mics.

You may need your radio manager to play with some settings to get it to work. Motorola has the radio set to play nice only with Motorola Bluetooth products.