All, I am currently challenged with redesigning my pack. Currently I run an Eberlestock Operator, firstly couldn’t recommend more. I run a M4 type platform in the scabbard with my long gun In my hands. What do y’all utilize for mag management for the long gun? (10rd magpul .308). I run a crye JPC that has Esstac 556 mags(modified) and I’m really not wanting to change my carrier setup. However I’m trying to brain storm a better solution to store mags on me/or in my bag. (Military Realm if that wasn’t apparent) I have a side pouch on my truck that holds mags but seems less than ideal, after shot books/sector sketch and the like. I’d like to use something that gives me quick access to mags and store my kestrel/gps/books. What do you guys run for something like this?

Any thoughts?


Are you looking for a way to quickly reload your big gun or just a way to carry more ammo for it?

A little more clarification will help guide the responses