P&S ModCast 156 - Transitioning From Service

Matt Landfair

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Discuss life after service, AKA retirement. Positives and negatives of leaving long life in military and law enforcement service, as well as how to prepare for life afterwards.

Host: Matt Landfair

Bill Blowers
Justin Christensen
Mike Green
Ash Hess
Mike Lewis
Chuck Pressburg

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Great episode.

Technical note: From my location with VPN active, Vimeo loaded extremely slow, but had no issues loading the same video on YouTube. Is that unique to me?
Great topic and it cannot be stressed enough to start preparing on Day 1.

I always pull our new guys aside and sidebar with them about retirement. I put away $100 per paycheck ($2,600/ year) into a retirement account since I started 16 years ago. I intentionally don't know how much money is there. I also took my entire raise percentage when I promoted and sent it into a 457 Plan. If I put that all on top of my pension and DROP when the time comes, I should not have to work another day in my life unless I chose to.

The trick is to start putting the money away before you even realize it's gone. The second it hits your checking account, it becomes that much harder to move it to a savings account.