Optic shopping ACOG, ACOG, or LPVO

Hello all. I am looking at picking up a new optic for my rifle. I have a 14.7" barrel AR 15 style rifle. I mostly run around in the mountains and shoot anywhere from 7 to 400 yards. I shoot cardboard and steel targets. Currently, I'm running an Eotech with 45 degree offset Magpul BUIS. I'm wanting some magnification for some of those longer shots, but I don't think I want to get too far away from the HUD style of the Eotech. Weight is also a concern and I don't like having to turn my optic on before deploying my rifle. I'm considering three different optics all have the ACSS reticle:
1 Trijicon TA44 Here Pros: Very compact and light @ 5.1 oz. I like that it's always "on" and quick to deploy. I also like that it doesn't have much magnification, but having never handled one, I'm not sure how the magnification combined with it's sort of small field of view equates. Cons would probably be it's small field of view and low magnification and the size of the reticle being small @1.5 power.
2 Trijicon TA31 Here Pros: Again, light weight @ 9.9 oz. Again, it's always "on", or as Garand thumb would say, "Powered by the fucking sun". I believe the larger magnification would work better for ranging and identifying targets at greater ranges. Cons: The eye relief/eye box is small and concerns me about it's ease of use out of position. Also, the magnification may make it difficult to shoot close quickly.
3 Primary Arms PLx 1-8x24mm FFP Rifle Scope - Illuminated ACSS Raptor M2 5.56 / .308 Pros: I think the biggest advantage of this would be it's versatility. Being able to run it at 1X for close fast shooting, or up at 6-8X for precise distance work. the other thing I believe it may have a wider field of view than the Trijicons. Cons: Definietely the weight. I really don't like the idea of strapping almost 27 oz. plus mount to the top of a rifle I pack around.
I come to you all hoping you have experience with some of these optics and can share your insight.