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So I've run a few matches now. 4 with my USP for limited minor, and once with my cz p10c (setup like a Roland special) in open minor.

It's to the point now where I am looking for something competitive, particular open Major gun.

Is there a noticable difference between the CZ pattern guns (eaa gold team/CZ czechmate) vs the 2011 pattern guns? Is the difference worth the $1k-$2k price difference?

Thanks for the suggestions!



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That’s something you’ll have to decide for yourself.

The Czechmate is an amazing value and gives you a competitive limited barrel with sight tracker as well.

You may need to tune mags on the CZ to run 9mm but otherwise the Czechmate runs like a top, which isn’t something I can say for most the open major 2011s I’ve seen. Additionally, the factory magwell is poorly blended and may need replaced with a CZ Custom.

With the 2011 the trigger is better. Hands down. The safety is also more intuitive. You also have more options with how modular the STI pattern is. You can decide down the road you like polymer or choose to upgrade to a steel grip. Options are limitless in the 2011. There is a reason 95%+ of comparative open shooters run a 2011. The CZ fanboy in me wants to shoot a Czechmate in open division, and my hand size/shape would support that, but the common sense side of me says to go 2011.

I’m planning on possibly going to open season after next and I’ll likely buy the STI gun and have it tuned. It seems like the economical decision.

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