Oh boy - Alien Gear "Rapid Force Duty Holster"


Anyone seen this? touched it? tested it? use it (and willing to admit it)?

I've been looking for a holster with active retention that is compatible with my g45 + holosun 508, according to Safariland they don't make a holster for it (no wml).
According to the internet, this alien gear holster is holding up. Options for wml, no wml, and optic hoods.
1586800570800.png 1586800664667.png
Depending on options selected it costs between $115 and $156
Thanks, I found a 6354DO at OP Tactical, which is perfect as I have no WML.

Same price as the cheapest alien gear. From what I've heard the main problem with Safariland is their lead times right now.


You cant g wrong with the 6354DO. As far as wait times, well everybody and their mothers are ordering them.