New USPSA match location in Eastern NC


The Range Complex (TRC) formerly known as TigerSwan, near Fayetteville NC just held their first USPSA match today. It was a really good match with two classifiers and a bonus stage inside one of the two shoot houses on site. Total stage count was eight. I managed to win my division, but it wasn't too hard as I was the only single stack shooter there today.... Plenty of CO, Limited and Production shooters though. If you know which units are located near Fayetteville then you have an idea of who some of the shooters that were in attendance were. It was really cool and educational to get to watch some of them with their stage planning and movement, particularly through the shoot house stage...

This match is going to quickly grow in popularity and the match director is going to try to hold it every 2nd Sat of the month. I have no affiliation with TRC but I will be trying my best to make it to as many of these as the schedule allows. It would be cool to see some of you all out there as well, just saying....

Chuck K

I've seen videos of the shoot house stages and they look pretty rad. Unfortunately it's on the same weekend as the Rowan match, but maybe I'll skip that at some point