My current collection....


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I currently have a Cajunized P09 that may get Dawson’s soon.

I have a NIB P07 suppressor ready I’m considering a dot for and Cajun Pro Package. Perhaps the comp as well.

I also have a CZ Scorpion in stock format for range fun.

I’m strongly considering a Shadow 2 for USPSA.

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Andrew Petersen

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2 going on 3 P09s, an SP01 Tac trading for the third P09, and a P10c.

Cajun Gun Works has my goto P09. Its getting a dot.

I blame Mike Pannone.
How'd you like the SP01? I'm partial to the heavier guns for whatever reason, and now that dots on the 75 series are possible I'm strongly considering one from CGW. Did you have any major reasons for going to the P09?

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I've carried and competed with a little bit of everything. I like Glocks, like 1911s, I even enjoy shooting revolvers. I don't really buy into brand loyalty, I just like guns that work and are accurate.

The best thing CZ has going for it is a diversity of choices. From full on 45+ oz all steel full size competition guns to polymer compact carry guns, from striker to hammer, DA/SA, SAO, however you want to carry, whatever you want to do with a handgun there is probably a CZ that can be set up the way you prefer, and the triggers are pretty easy to slick up without hurting reliability with lots of good aftermarket support from companies like Cajun Gun Works and CZ Custom.

My current CZ collection:

From top to bottom:
P-09, stock
75SA, CGW pro package (I always recommend this one to 1911 guys. Ambi safety, SAO, extended beavertail. It's basically like a high cap 9mm 1911)
SP-01 Shadow, CGW pro package and flat trigger conversion
Shadow 2, CGW USPSA legal package
Compact, stock (for now. This is a weird one. PCR frame, but safety instead of a decocker. Getting a pro package and flat trigger conversion soon)
P-01, CGW Pro package
CZ-83, stock
High polish stainless P-01, stock.
This is my one and only a CZ, an SP01 Tactical with Cajun Gun Works’ Pro Package and Dawsons.

It’s a stupid good gun. If you miss something with it, you did something wrong.

Somewhat surprisingly, it’s probably the most reliable semi-auto I own. The one and only malfunction I’ve had with it was a stovepipe induced when I was shooting off the left side of a barricade and I jammed the ejection port against the side of the wall.

My only gun as of right now. P07 with Cajun guts I installed myself, Dawson sights, X300U, OEM threaded barrel, Primary Machine comp, Springer Precision basepads. Easily the most reliable gun I've ever had, runs 150gr subs even with the comp. Only an MRDS away from a BlasTech DL44.
Check out the NATO trials on the CZ 75 SP - 01. It was at the time(~2001-2002), and I think still is(though I'm not sure off the top of my head), the most reliable handgun ever put to NATO trials.


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Traded for a second Shadow 2

Did get rid of a CZP07. Was just too dang small and was a bit difficult to reload without pinching. I’ll keep rocking the P09.

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I'm down to only my P07, which I still need to put CGW parts in. I've had at some point 75b, SP01, 75 Compact, P01, and a Phantom. I wouldn't mind a Shadow or Shadow 2 at some point. I keep looking at the P09 but it would strictly be a range/house/competition gun and I can do all that with my P07.