Modernized RK62M assault rifles into use in Finland, long project for us


This was a pretty extensive project that we took part in.


Info on these rifles has been pretty public since the start of the project back in 2015, but the Finnish Defence Forces just posted news that the new modernized RK62M variants are going to units now:

This was a long process and the project features three different tiers for the updated rifles.

M1 variant:

-Magpul stock
-New safety lever
-Optical sight mount
-Adapter for mounting accessories
-New sling

M2 variant

-Magpul stock
-New safety lever
-Optical sight mount
-New handguard for accessories
-New flash hider that can be used to mount a suppressor or breaching device/rebar cutter
-New sling

M3 variant

-Same as the M2 but comes with a OD green finish and is equipped with the suppressor and breaching device/rebar cutter

Unfortunately the news link is currently only in Finnish.

Seth Thompson

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Google Chrome Translate is useful to read the article, though it does result in some fun mis-translations:

"The usability of domestic RK62 horseradish rifles has been improved by modernization in the last two years. The renewed assault rifles are now being deployed in military training for all Defense Forces units."

Horseradish rifles? Sounds spicy.