Milling and slide cut companies.

I know there are a handful of similar threads and I apologize, but This just seemed like the best pipeline for direct information.

So Im looking at getting enhanced rear / front serrations/ top serrations as well as a RMR RDS optic cut on my G19 gen 4 and possibly a 19x. I have researched a lot and window shopped as well sifted what I could online. I know ATEi is the gold standard but compared to similar companies the price is well above the rest. Is that hike worth it in drastic measures? This weapon will be my potential off duty / EDC. So Im not looking to short changing myself on quality but is there drastic difference then say maple leaf, jager, primary, etc.

There are a lot of companies nowadays that offer this service and they do good work from what I can gather. Pocket depth varies from .100 by Parker Mountain, 0.125 by Jagerwerks, 0.145 by ATEI, to 0.165 by Maple Leaf.

Appreciate any feed back. Thank you!