Mayflower APC Mods

So this is a cross from the discord chat on the mods I did to my APC and some of how I have it setup. My APC is currently in a connex box so have no pictures to show at this time.

So I bought my APC about 5 years ago, it was my first carrier and at the time much wiser men then me recommended it as a good cost effective solution. I wore it stock for a while but over time I’ve seen other features in PCs that I liked but didn’t want to pay for a new carrier so I started modifying it.

First step was adding a Tyr Tactical zip on back panel adapter with my DARC strap underneath. The single column of MOLLE the adapter has I tuck the excess strap down into. This keeps me from having to worry about the rubber banding the strap, if needed just grab and pull and comes right out.

Next up was Crye Skeletal cummerbund and JPC radio pouches. I slid the rows of the cummerbund under the Tyr zip on panel and used the shock cord to attach them together (a guy that did the later mods for me had some longer shock cord of the same size and used it and a cord lock to attach the two pieces, I just tied them, cord lock works better)

I then added the armor vent panels to the front and back plate bags and finally, refusing to leave well enough alone purchased some first spear tubes and mailed the carrier off to a dude I met that does awesome stitch work and had him sew tubes onto the cummerbund and make a tubes adapter for the flap, along with mod’ing the left shoulder strap to use the tubes.

At this time I am happy with the carrier, it’s quick to get on and off, I can scale up my side armor if needed or leave it open and get some good airflow and reduced weight. On the LE side I like my radio on the JPC pouch underneath the cummerbund, keeps bulk down. For Army stuff, I don’t carry a radio at this time but I do keep both JPC pouches attached as they lay flat when not in use and if needed allow me two extra mags. As my entire setup is right now I can carry two rifle mags on the belt, two on body, that’s before adding a triple mag to the front of the carrier. This set up has been perfect for me for everything I’ve done thus far on the Army side as well as LE.