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I believe the right to self-defense with a firearm is universal. Race, sex, age, religion, political leaning, beliefs, height, weight, gender, handicap - every adjective and concept people identify with and as - still they have the right to defend themselves.

Starting the responsible journey of safe firearms handling through proper instruction is an intimidating one. Imagine doing so with something others would deem a stigma. As a firearms instructor, my goal is to be as welcoming to all as possible, because alienating a student can create a very negative long lasting ripple effect.

There are multiple demographics that want to be students and learn without the burden of being a outcast from the accepted social norm associated with firearms. They are not looking for special treatment. They are looking for instruction in an atmosphere where their primary identity is student.

What firearms instructors do you know that feel and conduct their classes as I described? I'm looking for instructors to pass on to help some friends.

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Barry B

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Kelly McCann - Renegade Combat Sports / Kembativz Brand
Tim Chandler - Justified Defensive Concepts
John Murphy - FPF Training
Paul Sharp
Ashton Ray - 360 Degree Performance Shooting

Every one of these people I’ve trained with at least one time, some more than once. All made everyone in the class feel welcome, absent any bias that I noted, or anyone raised that I’m aware of.



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Gunsite. We had a very wide variety of people in our class, from seasoned military veterans and weapons instructors to several families and a young kid who came with his mom. One guy was even from California.


Given that "alienation" is a subjective, and as some of us know, perception IS reality, I have a question.

Which would be the safer path?

a) A rigid institution (or the product of such an institution) where everyone gets the EXACT SAME THING or at least is feeding from the same philosophy/dogma?

b) A more free-thinking process where individual needs are met by someone more familiar/understanding with the "struggle"?