Long wire earpiece

To those who wear earpieces on patrol.
Specifically those who still use a shoulder mic.
Has anyone found a 3.5mm earpiece with a super long wire? I'm issued a straightwire mic, (Motorola NMN6250A) and the input jack for an earpiece is at the base by the connector to the radio itself making regular length earpieces useless. I'm looking for an earpiece I can either route under my shirt or coil around my mic wire and run up, but have come up empty handed.
Any ideas?
*searched all forums and didn't find anything. Thanks in advance, y'all


That is an odd connection location. I'm not sure what they were thinking when they made that. I've never seen a long corded earpiece with the 3.5mm plug but several guys at my work use these setups on their radio. It connects directly to the radio and replaces the speaker mic with a combo earpiece and lapel mic. I know that's not exactly what you were looking for but it's the only thing I could think of other than getting a different speaker mic on your own dime.

What do other people at your agency use? Does anyone use an ear piece?


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I have a new 19” coil cable receive only single wire you can have. The coil allows it to stretch.



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Tactical Ear gadget makes one that wires through your shirt, whisper mike at your lapel.

I have one as well as the one that routes to the shoulder Mike, my preference.

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Hey login, are you using an XTS series radio? Do you also have to use that mic per policy or do you have leeway to switch it up? We just switched from XTSs to APXs. I was issued straight cord mics for both as well. I always use coil cord mics and earpieces OR two wire earpieces with the PTT centerline under the button placket.

For my XTS radios, I bought a cheap coil cord mic (with included earpiece!) from FleaBay and used it for 6-7 years. For the two wire earpieces, I have a Motorola adaptor that attaches where the shoulder mic attaches.


If I can find the requisite mic, you can have it.
I found the adaptor, it’s yours if you want it.