Load carrying efficiency: How much is too much?


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Back in the day: 210 rounds issued, or 120, depending on posting (USAF Security Forces).

Now, LE patrol, city but with mixed rural due to zoning... G21, 2 spares on the belt. BUG and a spare in pocket. AR, 30 in the gun, 60 more on PC in front seat. Bought PC, rifle and ammo myself. Slowly adding more ammo, eventual plan is 90 on the PC plus 1 pistol mag. Transition to a 17 this yr or I'd have done it already.
I think you are on the right track. 2-3 rifle mags on a PC is plenty for LE. I believe Kyle Lamb said (more or less) that 90 rounds is plenty for an LE rifle load out.

If you feel a compelling need to carry more stuff it should probably be a hydration bladder and a big first aid kit.


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LE Patrol (my daily) 3x G17 mags on my outer vest, one in the gun. I also have a 30 round PMag in my jumpsuit thigh pocket that was originally intended for a Taser. I keep my SOCP tucked behind my OC can on my vest as well. 2x handcuffs and admin pouch on the vest as well.

My PC at work has 3x 30 round PMags and 2 more G17 mags plus an IFAK. The PC rides on the front seat, held in place by my patrol bag.


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As great hunter you always need a great CHest Rig with lot of pockets and cool cummerbund to hold them all.


Mostly I select Tactical Vest 3-Band CP Lite Waistband and Condor's plate carrier By PlateCarrierPlanet.Com.

I read their blog regularly and update myself according.
Condor makes three out of the four best plate carriers? That’s a joke right?

Also, how do you reload your pistol with mags facing different directions?

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Any one who says condor makes top PCs is being paid by condor. Condor PCs have QC issues.

If you find one with good stiching, id still only recommend it for training purposes.

Condor mag pouches on the other hand, id take any other named brand over, but they are not horrible objectivly speaking.