Kilo727, LLC




Kilo 727 prides itself on developing equipment that offers today’s warfighters practical solutions to real problems, allowing them to conduct their mission more efficiently.

We are proud and honored to serve and to have served amongst the greatest warriors of our generation and will continue to work closely with them and all of our customers and partners to develop tools that are lighter, smaller, stronger, and better.

What Makes Kilo727 Different:

Every product we make addresses a real problem that members of our team have personally faced in the field while serving. In an industry dominated by 75 percent solutions, Kilo 727 goes further. There is no disconnect between the operator and the designer, because the operator is the designer and personally works with the sewers, machinists, and engineers creating the product to get every last detail right. Moreover, active operators test each product in the field…and then refine it…and test it again…and refine it again, until we know it truly solves the problem at hand and we are willing to use it ourselves.


Todd Smith
DSM | Kilo727

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