Justin Dyal Handgun Class (Dialed in Training) 8/28-29


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Justin Dyal Handgun Class AAR

August 28-292021, Jacksonville NC, undisclosed range

Background: USMC Infantry 8 years, numerous classes, USPSA matches (B class chump Prod). Now I sell pants for Vertx.

Equipment: Gen5 Glock 17 MOS w/ Aimpoint ACRO P1, Safariland 6390 RDS ALS/mid-ride + NUB, Esstac pouches.

Overview: Justin Dyal is a retired USMC veteran who continues to work for MARSOC in various teaching/educational positions. He is also an author and reviewer of firearms for many industry partners. Recently he has begun instructing a few classes per year for closed and open enrollment.

Weather: probably the hottest days in Onslow County with little cloud cover. Brutal.

Day 1-

The first day starts with a bit of lecture and overview of Justin’s quality guarantee and exposure to his methodology, such as F.A.S.T. (not the test). This is generally the formal lecture method with a blend of the Socratic discussion from the class.

Moving into the range, exercises are demoed and replicated by students under Dyal's eye, generally in a ripple from left to right/vice versa so Dyal can see the student’s actions on each iteration. This continued through the first part, working various parts of trigger manipulation, natural point of aim, sighting methods, etc discussed during the lecture.

After lunch, we moved into a technical accuracy block with students paired together with spotting equipment. Shooters fired and called their shots while the buddy spotted and plotted impacts. Shooters then compared their “calls” to the “plots”. Shooters also isolated a specific part of the shooting process per shot.

Day 2-

The second day started off with a quick reflection from day one. Some cold start exercises, mobility, and repetition from the previous day. We then headed into SHO drills taught in an unconventional manner which I will maintain as a secret until Justin chooses to reveal it. We continued thru the major components of the day working thru the FAST program and engaged in some more accuracy-focused parts.

In conclusion, I’ve been searching for a class to help me identify and refine my shooting. Most classes I’ve seen have been either focused strictly on mobility, a hard test of skills, “tactics” etc, but I needed something to just diagnose what I am doing and give recommendations to improve/refine. There’s a lot to the class but presented in a way that it won’t overwhelm a student. I felt like the class size and specific instructor are key to doing this and I found it with Dyal. I am excited to see how this class evolves and I will attend again if I am extended the offer.