Iron Sight Specifics

Sights have been touched on in numerous threads but I failed to find what I was truly looking for. I'm looking to replace the sights on my 509 and eventual 19X and before I go burning through money trying different sights I was looking for input. I saw a lot of "I use these..." but not as much "this is why" attached. I understand that there is a large portion of this forum that gets issued sights and that's what they get to roll with, but for those that have run with other sights what are your preferences and WHY? Where do you like your point of aim to be in relation to point of impact? What yard line do you like them to zero at? What manufacturers are there to avoid? Are there factory irons you don't feel the necessity to replace? I spend more time around gamers now than I do gun toting professionals now, so if my questions are too granular let me know. My scope for iron sights is very narrow. I've used Truglo TFX sights and played with Trijicon HDs, everything else has just factory, including my 509 sights. For reference, I have no leanings toward nights sights or fiber optic, I just prefer green/yellow in regards to color if there is color added to the sight. I don't use NV and I have a white light attached to my gun.
I personally just went back to all black AmeriGlo Defoor sights on my G19.4s.

Why? I find that I’m more precise with that particular setup than any other. I also don’t find that I’m that much slower with them vs. other higher visibility sights. They also give me the most consistent sight picture in all light situations including if I use my own light. I also find them a little easier to work with than the narrower default dimensions of Dawson Precision sights.

I used Dawson Precision Charger sights (fiber optic front/blacked out rear) prior to making the change. I really liked them, but there were a few things that bugged me. The narrow dimensions just seem to force me to use more effort to see as crisply as other sights. The light bars and front sight are just simply smaller. It’s not bad and I was able to do good work with them, I just simply prefer something slightly more coarse.

If I’m using fiber, I prefer green fiber. It blooms less to my eyes in direct bright sunlight.

I don’t typically prefer tritium as I see it as a dubious expense with limited utility for my specific use case (armed civilian with no LEO or MIL experience).

If there’s paint on the sights, I prefer orange or white, in that order. Green paint for whatever reason seems to blend into too many things all to well for my vision.

I prefer nothing on my rear sight including blacked out tritium vials. I prefer to use light bars as my reference, not anything on the rear sight. It’s distracting and I generally find it to be not very useful.

I prefer my POA be the top edge of the front sight and that it be zero’d at 25 yards. Top edge still gives me visual reference to what I’m shooting at and 25 yards is a good reference standard for shooting with a pistol.

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On my duty glocks( 19 or 23) I’m running ameriglo UC sights, which come stock on talos model Glocks. It’s a serrated blacked out rear with a u notch, the front is a pro dot/ trijicon HD front with the orange ring with a tritium vial in the center of the dot. During the day it’s drop the orange dot in the notch and do work, at night I’ve only gotta decipher one glowing dot instead of fighting with 3 like the Trijicon HDs. On my 17 I’ve got trijicon hd with orange dot setup ( when I changed the sights on my 17 I didn’t have the time to wait for the ameriglo uc’s I’d ordered, the local shop had the HD’s in the basic same configuration but about $50 more than the aneriglo


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XS Big Dot for 15 years. Went to 10-8 trit front only, just as fast, more precise. Currently Trij 3dot issued on duty. I want POI/POA at 25 which those are not.


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At 25, POI with the Trij is "in" the dot. But i tend to use the top of the front sight except at close quarters, so i tend to aim for the neck (top of the sight) which puts the dot in the "right" place.

The Big Dot, 15 and in, center of dot is POA/POI. At 20 plus, same sight pic but impact is top of the front sight. Fast but at distance harder to line up for me since the dot sits in the V.