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Have any of you or someone you know done one of these? Are they worth it? After spending most of 2018 sick, culminating in a hospital stay for a burst appendix that I basically ignored for several weeks, and several bouts of light duty in between, I've been cleared and working full duty for about 2 weeks now. However, 1 foot pursuit and several fights has made it very obvious how out of shape I've gotten. My doctor told I'm good to do whatever as long as I don't develop any abdominal pains beyond some cramping or like a side stitch some people get when running. So far I've started easy, a few runs, basic calisthenic exercises, etc. I was wondering if the HTK Tactical Bodyweight plan in particular would be worth the money( since its around $24 right now) to help jumpstart my body to speed up the process of getting back where I need to be.

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Tagging for interest as well. I’ve not done any of the HTK plans, just P90X and Insanity. I’m looking for something else too.
I know it’s not specifically answering your question about HTK, but I found the Atomic Athlete plans to be well developed. I used their plans back before they had the 4 million they have now. Their body weight plan was very well developed, it helped me markedly improve my CFT score, not that I was ever a PT stud. I would say they’re worth a look. Mountain Tactial has a number of plans as well but I don’t know what the collective has to say about them. I appreciate their content but I can’t offer any validation for them.


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Ive looked at HTK over the last year or so, but SOFLETE is hands down the best general online programming I’ve come across. They SOFLETE also has awesome articles and podcasts. The employees are very open to personal contact for whatever questions you might have . Ive used soflete with great success, but currently using Wendlers 5/3/1 Krypteia training due to the shortness of workouts and I know exactly what I’m doing each time.

As much as I love soflete, especially with their new Quick Program, sometimes I would spend a lot of time researching unfamiliar movements and the mobility changes pretty often. So I switched to Wendlers 5/3/1 Krypteia. I still subscribe to soflete and follow them closely. Love their mantra.
I have the HTK tactical monster plan and have done Soflete programming for comparison. I will say HTK uses a 3 phase approach in the plan I have (volume,strength.hypertrophy). Unlike a lot of other tactical fitness programs HTK avoids the Olympic lifts and opts for more powerlifting/bodybuilding movements. Overall I like the program I have and enjoy the split of exercises. I wish it had a more rock solid progression method of knowing where you stand via a performance standard. instead it just gives sets and reps of an exercise along with conditioning blocks and a few different active recovery options.