How's it goin'?


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Fail. L1 slightly inflamed disk, rotated pelvis to compensate, looks like I will be missing 2-3 days of Crossfit. Failure to maintain form during squats. I am bummed because I wasn't even doing anything "crossfittish", just one of the warm-up sets with 225 like I have done for years.


So it's been some time since I updated my ongoing saga. The colon removal and ostomy reversal all have turned out for the better (I'd probably be dead if I hadn't done the surgeries). It has taken about a year or slightly longer for things to really stabilize so that
have a predictable function of the affected areas. It's still not perfect or even resembling perfect but considering the alternative, I'm quite happy with the results. The biggest issue I have now is still some deficits from the 2 strokes and a pinched nerve(Meralgia Paresthetica) in my left hip. This can be extremely painful at times and radiates all the way down to the tips of my toes. It can be tough to walk when you can't feel your foot striking the ground. There are certain exercises that I can do to alleviate the immediate pain, but if I sit wrong or don't walk with good posture, it comes right back with a vengeance. Nothing I can't deal with but life would be easier if this disappeared. So one of the few times I can comfortably say, "It is what it is" and I keep on going.