Hornady Critical Duty 9MM

My agency is making a transition to 9mm. I would like to stick with Hornady to stay in line with all of our other duty ammo. Does anyone have experience/data with the 135gr, 135+P, and 124+P variants of Critical Duty? I am leaning towards the 135+P, but would greatly appreciate input on advantages of their other products. We are moving to the P320 full size, and ammo will also be issued for off duty or backup guns, mainly subcompacts.


Network Support II
We are issued P320 full sizes but also have the compact and concealed models in service. In 2015 we tested ammo and 135+P Critical Duty beat 6 other types and weights of 9mm ammo and was the only ammo we tested to pass all the FBI protocol barriers. This year we went back and tested 124+P Critical Duty against 135gr +P critical duty iut
If the shorter barreled weapons and 135+P out performed the 124+P Critical Duty.