Looking for a quality, reliable helmet that won't break the bank. Not a duty helmet, don't need Kevlar, don't necessarily need mounts and bungee for awesome NVG and lights and all that. Just a basic bump helmet to keep falling debris from braining me. Recommendations?
I've heard good things about the PT A-Bravo helmets. Afordable and will save your potato from moderate impacts. No ballistic protections so it's not going to stop high velocity projectiles from explosions and such, but it should be adequeate from most objects traveling within terminal velocity (falling rocks, dome diving into a barricade etc.)
I Have a PT alpha bump, works reasonably well. Replaced some of the inner skateboard helmet foam lining with ACH pads, fits more comfortably now. Having tried out my brothers Team Wendy, Its worth the extra squeeze if you're going to be wearing it for longer periods or with NVGs to get the higher end helmet. Way more stable and comfortable.
I bolted some arc rails to my high cut Protec A-Bravo and am very happy with it. I have had problems interfacing earpro to the helmet (both Sordins and Impact sports) because of the helmet cut in front of the ears, but that can be fixed with a dremel. The rails are nice because it gives me an effective way to attach a white light to my helmet. Also Protec's MIL line come pre drilled for the WARCOM 3 hole and a ACH single hole patterns.