Glock trigger and Pre-travel.


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I like the pre-travel on the Glock trigger. I like to prep the trigger to the wall and break the shot. I'm looking for a 4 pound, aftermarket, flat faced trigger with the same pre-travel as the OEM trigger.

I'm looking for a trigger that might lighten up the total weight to 4 pounds, but don't want it to affect the work that I do with other stock Glock triggers. I don't want a trigger with NO pretravel.

So what's the best approach? Just a different connector with a mild polish job? I would like to try a flat trigger, but many of them take out all of the pre-travel. The Zev Pro for Gen 5 was on the short list, but didn't want to go this route if there was no pre-travel.

The price of the trigger isn't an issue, but want the sequence of the shot to remain the same as stock, but a little lighter for more precision with the RS build.

Thanks for the thoughts.


I love my 19 but there are just better guns when it comes to triggers. No aftermarket trigger for a Glock will be as easy as just shooting the Sig P320, CZP10, HK VP9, Walther PPQ. Eye opening better.


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What gen gun? I’ve been a big fan of ssvi tyr trigger over the year’s for something that doesn’t change pre travel much


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I'm a long time Glock shooter, as in before there was a XD, M&P, P320, VP9 or PPQ. The grip angle works for me, other citizens and many secret squirrels.

Understand I like a Glock trigger and don't want it to be a precision rifle trigger or a gamer gun trigger (I have played many gun games including USPSA and IDPA). One of my G34's breaks at 2.25 pounds.

These days, I'm looking for an effective carry trigger. With the new RS set up, I'm making 50 yard hits on 10" plates pretty matter of factly. The longer precision shots just need a pound or so shaved off of this total weight without changing the trigger dynamics much.

These triggers will go into a pair a G19.5s. One a RS and one a stock 19.5 (for now, until I make the decision to make it into a sister to the first RS)

JPitts, thanks for the thoughts on the SSVI TYR. I"ve seen that trigger shoe before.


The YT channel Earl An made this video:

and data sheet:

about stock and other aftermarket Glock triggers that measures distances traveled, weight, reset, ect. It's the most informative data set I've seen that actually compares real data to different triggers vs what someone, "feels" or "pull gauge."

After years of trying different triggers, it convinced me to get the Falx by Overwatch Precision, (Based on what I was looking for) which I'm happy with so far.


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When I looked at the Overwatch Precision website it said that their triggers were for Gen 1-4. Am I missing a Gen 5 version hidden somewhere?

It's nice to hear that the OP triggers are agency approved for duty. I've read that before, but it's nice to hear that again from another source.

This sounds like what I am looking for, IF I can get it to work in a pair of Gen 5s.


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Thanks GG, I see on the OP site, I had to hit the pull down menu to see that there is a Gen 5 trigger available.


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Apparently the Polydat for Gen 5 was announced today and may be available next month.


The Apex trigger doesn’t reduce pretravel. The OP trigger reduces as much as possible wthout eliminating any of the safeties. I prefer the OP Tac trigger.

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I was in a class on Friday and one of the students was running a Sig P320 with an Apex trigger. There sure wasn't much pretravel on that trigger compared to my Glock. Thanks for the thoughts Luke.