Gen 2 Pmags causing lock up in SR-15


Has anyone else had an issue with Gen 2 PMAGS in their SR-15? On a recent range trip after inserting a full gen 2 pmag on an open bolt, the bolt release would not function on a simple press of the bolt release, but required quite a bit of force. When the bolt release was forced, on occasion it would cause a cartridge over bolt failure. Additionally, the magazine release failed to eject the magazine when pressed as well. After a bit of experimentation off the range I discovered that this was an over-insertion issue. with the p-mag, and a better fix than slamming the bolt release is to pull hard on the magazine until it clicked back into place.

Is my experience a 1 off, and should I send the rifle back? Or should I just avoid Gen 2 pmags?

I have not had this issue with Shure feeds or gen3 pmags.
Had a similar issue, but with a Colt.

Posted on M4Carbine. Link if one is curious to read the replies:

The gun:

Colt AR15-A3 Tactical Carbine lower modified with

  • Norgon ambi mag release
  • Badger Ordnance Condition 1 Modular Safety
  • Badger Ordnance Tactical Latch

Bravo Company BFH 16" Mid Length Upper Receiver Group w/ VTAC ALPHA 13" Handguard
  • BCM Bolt and carrier
  • BCM ambi charging handle
  • Surefire Warcomp
  • Surefire blast diffuser

The ammo:
Blazer black pack 55 grain in Gen 2 magpul

The issue:
Sighting in Trijicon RMR, I took out the magazine to check # of rounds, and reinserted. Upon reinsertion, magazine seemed to "over-insert", jamming the bolt catch and the magazine release, preventing movement. Magazine could not be pulled out. Was able to finally get the mag out by bracing the stock against shooting rest and pulling with great force until magazine was free. The issue did not occur again afterwards.

The fix?