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Friends of Pat Weekend 2017 Roll Call

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Mk 18, Jul 18, 2017.

  1. Mk 18

    Mk 18 Newbie

    Attendance last year was outstanding, but knowing who was who was near impossible. Anyone attending this year have an idea on how to figure out who is who?

    If you are going, reply and maybe we can figure something out.
  2. WoTan556

    WoTan556 Newbie

    I will be there.
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  3. Riafdnal

    Riafdnal Matt Six Actual Staff Member Administrator Moderator

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  4. Pat Tarrant

    Pat Tarrant Custom testicles Network Supporter

    I'll be there. On the wait list for a HIX room, so if anyone's got spare cot space or whatever, I might be in need, and happy to help out with money for the room.
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  5. Dan Easterday

    Dan Easterday Member Network Supporter

    I'm coming in with some of the midwest crew. I'll be at the HIX and as of right now, all of my spare space is occupied.
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  6. MojoNixon

    MojoNixon Member

    Just get something like this made up. GITD @ 2" X 3". My big brother X-ray Dave over on LF had this made up for me. Don't recall the source or cost, but they're not un-reasonable (probable $10 or less).

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  7. Kevin 149

    Kevin 149 Newbie

    I have a room and spare bed at the HIX, and looking for a driving buddy from the Milwaukee area.
  8. Lane C

    Lane C Rico and the Man Moderator

    Sadly won't make it this yer. Have a LEOKA fundraiser conflict. Enjoy amigos!
  9. Spartan117

    Spartan117 Amateur

    I'm all signed up and planning to attend. How much will I miss if I can't make it out on Friday? (Agency assigned me to be one of the firearms instructors on a re-qual day Aug 25th)
  10. TheTick

    TheTick Amateur

    Well, if it is like last year. Friday night is very "informative" and offers a great "opportunity to network" with fellow professionals while having "business drinks".

    If guns come out on Friday, that means that something went incredibly sideways and you're better off not being there and/or named in any lawsuits.

    If you do attend Friday night, do not share wings with Freddie Blish. I was sweating profusely the night of and had a bad morning on Saturday.

    See you guys there.
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  11. Aruss

    Aruss Newbie

    I will be there!
  12. Pat Tarrant

    Pat Tarrant Custom testicles Network Supporter

    Are there any good alternatives in the area for hotels? Looks like HiX is booked solid
  13. Aruss

    Aruss Newbie

    Look at hotels in the Belden village area (Jackson, Ohio/north canton) if alliance hotels are all booked. It's only a 20 min drive. I work for canton city pd so if you have any questions about an area or hotel let me know.
  14. Pat Tarrant

    Pat Tarrant Custom testicles Network Supporter

    Thanks. Booked a room at the comfort inn
  15. Aruss

    Aruss Newbie

  16. Brandon

    Brandon Newbie

    Will be there!
  17. ffemt11b

    ffemt11b Newbie

    I'll be there.
  18. Matty.FiveSix

    Matty.FiveSix Newbie

    I'll be there... @ HIX
  19. My brother and I will be there. Staying at the new(?) Hampton Inn a block or two East of HIX.

  20. Ben H

    Ben H Amateur Network Supporter

    Got someone trying to unload a room at Hampton Inn for sat night only. Has 2 beds.

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