FPF Training, Street Encounter Skills and Tactics, Martin, GA, 25-26 Feb 2023

John Murphy


Street Encounter Skills and Tactics prepares citizens for personal security challenges by equipping them with a comprehensive suite of “soft” and “hard” skills that are woven into a holistic approach to legal self-defense.

Who is this course for?

This course is for the person who recognizes that there is much more to personal safety than simply carrying a gun. If you want to expand your knowledge and acquire skills oriented toward the layered nature of civilian self-defense, this class is for you.

Employing an iterative approach, students progressively acquire skills and knowledge required to enforce their security decisions and secure themselves before, during and after an incident. Among these skills are:

Stopping Bleeding (Medical Trauma)
Employing Pepper Spray (Less-Lethal Options)
Interacting with Law Enforcement (Legal Preparation)
Street Encounter Skills (Managing contacts and conflicts for de-escalation and de-selection)

Subsequently these concepts and newly acquired skills are reinforced and validated as students are exposed to a combination of drills and scenario-based exercises emphasizing decision-making and decisively employing an appropriate course of action.

End state

Students will be equipped with an understanding of the threats they face and provided a comprehensive suite of skills and tactics that enable them to respond to these circumstances within legal and moral constraints.

f*Please note that the live-fire portions of this course are primarily concerned with the decisions and consequences involved with the application of deadly force. Various techniques are discussed and demonstrated, but the emphasis is “when and where” to apply deadly force rather than shooting skills.

$450, which does not include applicable range fees. These are range dependent, but usually $25/day.

Requirements: 300 rounds of ball ammunition (factory is MUCH preferred), the pistol you carry, a QUALITY holster (No SERPA type or floppy nylon!) at least 4 magazines, eye and ear protection, weather appropriate clothing, food, water, sunscreen, bug repellent, notepad and pen…the usual stuff you need on the range for a class. Students must have had prior formal training in safety, marksmanship, and drawing the pistol from concealment. All students are expected to arrive at the course well-versed in safe gun handling practices. Each student will receive two POM pepper spray trainers and one POM live agent dispenser as part of the course fee. Students will NOT be exposed to live agent during this class.

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