Forthcoming P320 AXG - Factory Metal Frame P320 (with grip panels!)


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Details are scarce as of now, the above is a screenshot from this short clip (relevant footage from 0:10 to 0:16):

What we can see is that it will have replaceable grip panels to customize the grip size and texture, and appears to be cut for an optic in the same style as the Pro-Series P320s. The ergonomics appear to be closer to the classic P-Series pistols (226, 229, etc) than the standard or X-Series P320s. No info on whether it’s aluminum alloy or steel, but if I were a betting man I’d say aluminum is the safer bet. Note the round magazine release which differs from the standard P320 (perhaps this grip module takes P22x magazines rather than P320 mags?).

More info here as I can find it, but I get the sense this was an accidental early unveiling so it might be a bit before we get much more definitive information


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Looks like it’ll be featured on the Guns and Gear show on Sportsman Channel tomorrow evening. I’ve got it set to record and will be taking notes. I doubt it’ll be extremely in-depth but it should provide some more basic information such as specs, pricing, etc


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Well as I expected the segment on GTTv was light on substance but here’s all the information they provided:

- Sig is grouping it under the X-Series category

- Aluminum grip module

- XRay3 sights

- Pro optic cut (separate rear BUIS from cover plate)

- X-Series flat trigger

- Replaceable grip panels (potentially backstrap as well?)


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Sig finally released official info on the AXG:



The SIG Sauer Custom Works just announced a must-have for P320 fans, the new AXG Scorpion. The AXG Scorpion is a Carry-size P320 that comes with an alloy grip module and all the other Custom Works bells and whistles.

While SIG is best-known for its “Classic” series pistols, which mostly have alloy aluminum or steel frames, the P320 series is a modern, striker-fired line of handguns with reinforced polymer frames. Until now.

The AXG Scorpion combines a full-size grip with a compact slide and barrel for increased capacity and ease of carry. Chambered for 9mm Luger it has a 3.9-inch carbon steel barrel and stainless steel slide and a standard capacity of 17+1.

The alloy frame doesn’t add a lot of weight. Unloaded the pistol weighs just under 32 ounces or 2 pounds. By comparison, a standard compact P320 weighs about 26 ounces and a full size, around 29 ounces.

The frame uses conventional grip panels like most alloy- or steel-framed handguns, but it also uses a third backstrap insert for even more grip size and shape options. The frame also sports a square trigger guard with a deep undercut, fine front grip serrations and full beavertails and accessory rails.

Other Custom Works tweaks include a slide cut for optics with a blank insert and factory-installed XRay3 day and night sights. They come with three enhanced XFL, or extended feed lip magazines with high-visibility followers and rear witness holes for a quick round count. SIG will offer the AXG Scorpion with 10-round mags for restricted markets.

The AXG Scorpion comes with a flat dark earth (FDE) Cerakote finish, machined laminate grips, and a skeletonized, flat-faced trigger. SIG hasn’t unveiled the pricing but some retailers and online dealers are listing it around $1,100 or less.

That’s pretty competitive in the world of metal-framed striker-fired handguns, which are very uncommon, and puts the AXG in line with other premium SIG handguns.

Hopefully this will be the first of a family of alloy-framed P320 pistols from SIG. There will be plenty of interest in full-size and compact models in addition to the carry size.


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According to the product video, the AXG grip module will also be available as a stand-alone accessory for those who just want the metal grip module on their current P320


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This zoomed-in screenshot from the product video appears to show that it will be compatible with the X-Series magwell from the X-Five as well


I was at the Sig Pro Shop in Epping this past weekend and they had one in the display case. Completely spaced on checking it out.