Flagrant beard Havoc

Anyone have any experience with this blade? I’ve been debating on picking one up but don’t know anyone with any experience with one who can give me an honest review
I actually did pick one up. I bought it to put on my duty belt but have yet to find a way to do it with the factory sheath. Blade is sharp, although I wish it was a hair longer on the blade it will definitely suit its intended purpose. Blade is thick!!! My only complaint is the handle is a hair long for my medium sized hands but it’s still very comfortable for me to use. I wish the company made a trainer. However with some aluminum and a little time it wouldn’t be hard to fabricate one
Thanks - I appreciate the follow up. I was thinking about getting another fixed blade to carry and this was on my list of possibilities. Although I already have several, I'm always looking for a better mousetrap I guess (or other options for different contexts). FYI, He has two different Havoc trainers, one polymer, and one metal for sale on the site. Thanks again.
I have one and like it. I feel like it's an itch and there might be other alternatives but it's nice at least a small footprint and I do put it in part of a rotation

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