ETS Glock mags

Steven Cali

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I am about to buy my first Glock, a used gen3 22, and I will be needing more magazines for it, as it only comes with one mag. The local gun store that I frequent carries a large selection of ETS magazines at a good price, and I am wondering if anyone here has experience with them, and can speak to their quality. And information would be greatly appreciated!
For carry you’ll be best served running Glock factory magazines. The ETS mags work just fine for range use but they are fragile and have broken when dropped on the asphalt ranges (money wasted).
I’ve had minimal issues with my 20 round magpul Glock mags and recommend them for range use.
Magazines are consumables but the factory mags hold up very well.


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If you are looking for Glock 22 mags and are okay with used mags I think Aimsurplus had them for like $15 last I looked. Beyond that shopping around you can get new for around $20.

Steven Cali

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Thanks for all the tips, Glocks are quite outside my experience, so I need all the advice I can get!

I'm going to get into 3-gun shortly and all of my current handguns are unsuitable. (Mostly revolvers and muzzleloaders. I have a tokarev, but even if I felt like running it, 7.62x25 ammo is cost prohibitive, and I don't feel like reloading enough ammo for 3-gun every month on my single stage press)
The 22 appealed to me because it was cheap, which leaves a bit of room in my budget for improvements, I like .40, and it had the best trigger of any of the Glocks in the store, which further helps with making room in the budget.
I can’t argue that but caution you on choosing by price and shooting .40 unless you’re looking to shoot major. I don’t even know if there is major in three gun? You’ll make up the difference in ammo cost shortly if you go 9mm.
Best of luck if you’re set on it.

Steven Cali

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Thanks! I know .40 will cost more, but I like it better than 9. (Not for any logical reason, admittedly, I just like handguns with some oomph), and even with the cost increase over 9, it will be a hell of a lot cheaper than running the tokarev.