Deadair Sandman or Energetic Armament Vox?

Vox or Sandman?

  • Sandman

  • Vox

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In my experience, the dead air cans are noticeably quieter. There should be no durability issues with either, but I prefer a fixed mount over the thread in type.


I went with the Vox-s. It’s a little shorter and 5.5 oz lighter. People say the Sandman is quieter but suppressed rifle rounds are suppressed rifle rounds imho. Also like the materials the Vox is made out of. Sandman is obviously durable, but the Vox is marketed as an even more durable with C300. My not make a noticeable difference but if I ever have to heat it up to the popsicle of death level, it makes me feel a little better inside. Either way both are durable suppressors from companies that back their products. Can’t go wrong with either.