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Law Enforcement Counter Terrorism Course (LECTC)

Course Description:
Equip the LEO with relevant & useful counter-measures to combat a swarm-type attack within their jurisdiction. Other purposes are to broaden the officer’s scope of knowledge of enemy tactics, their reactions to counter measures, and their determination/fanaticism. It will also familiarize the officer with terrain analysis, hasty planning and to develop COA’s to combat a coordinated multi-cell attack within their jurisdiction.

 Enter and systematically clear a complicated residential and/or commercial structure that is occupied by a well equipped, well organized and fanatical terrorist cell with a small group of officers.
 Execute a coordinated deliberate, hasty, assault with support elements and multiple teams.
 Counter-assault armed suspects from a vehicle.
 Pursuit of multiple armed suspects on foot while in urban and open terrain.
 CBRN operations.
 Limited visibility operations.
 Sustain effective contact & disruption of the terrorist’s goal(s) while managing casualties.
 Non-electronic Communication and Coordination TTP’s.
 Stronghold domination techniques.
 Coordinate & Link-up with rapid response teams(uniform officers) on and/or IVO active terrorist cells in contact.
 Rapid & fluid (scalable) response to simultaneous attacks, both mobile & fixed, in variable terrain under adverse conditions.
 Proper coordination, training and use of Patrol Officers, and other Emergency Personnel, for active counter measures.
 Establish mind-set for the LEO to appropriately deter, counter & contain a homicidal paramilitary operation within their jurisdiction.

Prep thread:

LECTC 20-25 April 2015.

LECTC 22-27 June 2015

LECTC 19-24 October 2015

Level 1 Breacher

This is comprehensive course for the "assaulter-breacher" concept I pontificate so much about in the LECTC-1 task-org class (TD04).

6-days/5-nights of mechanical, ballistic and explosive breaching training plus the 'Explosives Handler' portion.

You can probably guess that this won't be an 8 hour day with a 1.5 hour lunch type of course since it's at DARC and you'd be right. Idea is to produce a confident and trained breacher by day 6 - this isn't a beer/titties fun course that just fams you on breaching.

Description: This is an “assaulter-breacher” program designed to train the individual in safe, practical and effective breaching for tactical operations (day and night). The syllabus is primarily taught in a tactical environment as a hands-on class and is not a flat range breaching course.

• Explosives Handling and Theory
• Firing systems construction, safeguarding and implementation
• Target analysis and Breaching Force Decision Making
• Charge construction
• Failure and Emergency Procedures
• Calculating the net explosive weight (NEW)
• Calculating the minimum safe distance (MSD)
• Calculating fragmentation distance
• Tactical considerations due to residual over pressure
• Tactical Procedures
• Documentation
• Pre-mission Breacher’s Brief: Deliberate vs, Hasty
• Ballistic – Explosive – Gas powered mechanical
• External and Internal Explosive Breaching
• Night operations
• Program Management and Sustainment Training

Length: 6-days/5-nights, approximately 75 hours

Individual equipment requirements:
Ballistic Helmet
Body armor
Gas mask with filter and poly carbonate outer shield or eye pieces.
ANSI rated, wrap around eye protection (day and night)
Hearing protection
Gloves (full fingered)
Appropriate clothing and footwear
Rifle with sling and weapon mounted light
Pistol with holster
150rds of 5.56mm force on force munitions (Sims, UTM and/or Speer)
NVG’s with helmet mount
Pen/Pencil and notebook
Scientific calculator (cube roots)
Small personal first aid kit (motrin, band aids, etc)
Camera (optional)

Level 1 Breacher 04-09 May 2015

Facility thread:

For More Information
please contact
Richard Mason
email: richard@r7minc.com
6302 Valentine Road
North Little Rock, AR 72117

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I did that to my neighbor Joe, but didn't have the heart to keep the strobe running during the op.


Gander Six
Do most guys ship sim and other shit down there ahead of time? DARC website cover all this?

Bill - Most of the guys who fly commercial will ship the majority of their gear, munitions and other expendables ahead of time.
Once you are fully registered for a course we work out the details.


This is probably impossible to do without an assignment to do so, right?

Im in corrections... But some of us CO's like training :)

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