CZ Buys Out Colt


I think CZ will do well with Colt. I've been very happy with all my CZ handgun thus far. I for one think this is a good move on their part and look forward to what the future holds from Colt being under new ownership.


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Well done CZ!

Get the fuck out of Connecticut.

Get rid of the useless personnel, especially top management.

Hire in real gun people that know what the fuck they're doing. Including Chris Bartocci, who is probably your number one fan, source of good ideas, and chronicler of all colt fuck-ups.

Make products that are the industry standard. Not so-so rifles with nothing colt on them but the logo.

Forget about the past. Make new innovative products that incorporate all the R&D that has been done by others, while colt sat on it's ass and collected profits from M-4's, while refusing to sell same to the public.

You do realize how many guys would buy an AR with "Colt M-4 Carbine" on it, right? IF the quality was equal or better than what they can build themselves. How about a Colt factory "MK18"-type rifle, with all the latest tech from LMT, Geiselle, etc. FACTORY Colt M4 Carbine-marked lowers! Matched upper and lower sets! Bbls! BCG's! I bet you couldn't keep up with demand. Even me, a dedicated colt-hater who despised them all these years, for refusing to sell me a CAR-15/M-4, would now buy from new management that was pro-2A.

Na zdravi!


Chris Bartocci has a lot of opinions on guns that I can’t say match a number of end users experiences, I don’t think I’d want him making decisions on product development. However I don’t think his opinions on the decades of mismanagement at Colt are off the mark at all. I think this is a massive positive step for Colt,


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Ha ha, you're right opinions can be like assholes; I don't always agree with him either but he gets the big stuff right. For instance, innovating instead of resting on your laurels (or profits), Mk 18's, and Mk 262 Mod 1. I know he loves the piston guns, so OK make a better 416 for that crowd. He is right when he says Colt made stuff they think you should have, not what you ask for. JSOC should have never had to go off-shore to get what they wanted. But yeah to your point, he would need to take a hard look at what we are all building and using these days and then make that available to the public. Like a low shelf lower, with no blocks, and a Colt logo. How cool would that (finally) be. After 40-odd years I would replace everything I have with Colt, if they sold me what I wanted. Could be the beginning of a new era.