Custom Kydex sheath

Can anyone suggest a kydex sheath maker or make custom kydex sheaths? I need a custom sheath made for my socp so it’ll fit on my duty belt the way I want
I’ve got an Azeria as well. I used to keep the socp hooked to the Molle on my tac vest and had the azeria behind my mags but it was difficult to get to


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I JUST got my SOCP back from Texas Holster Solutions in San Antonio today. Modified the ring myself for IWB carry and to remove sharp edges and risk of degloving injury.


Went with a straight black taco style minimalist with a Discreet Carry Concepts shorty clip. Retention is excellent and seems to carry well. They are running a special discount code "txboomsticks" for about a month starting today for 10% off kydex work.
Also check out:
Lunar Concepts
Zulu Bravo Kydex
Along with any other guys who do custom sheaths.
I'll suggest just about any blade other than a SOCP, first off. A Colonel, for example, is very affordable and usable.

But if you're set, you can't go wrong with Nick at BladeRigs.
He does custom work, and he already makes a sheath for the SOCP.
Sorry to revive another older thread, and don't mean to derail this one, but had to ask: What's the negative(s?) on the SOCP? Does the blade itself suck or does the blade just suck for the OP's stated application? I hadn't heard of, nor considered any specific negatives, other than maybe fingers sliding onto the blade or degloving/breaking a finger? Difficult deployment from the sheath?