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Discussion in 'Handguns, Holsters, & Related Equipment' started by Matt, Feb 14, 2015.

  1. K.O.A.M.

    K.O.A.M. Amateur Network Supporter

    I'm a big Boresight Solutions fan, and a personal friend of Ben. That being said, he does more than the exterior of the gun. I have several pistols to which he's made internal modifications/replaced parts/trigger jobs as well as doing his exterior magic. He just gets more notice for the exterior work because he's so good at it and it's his most requested modifications.
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  2. Rootbeer

    Rootbeer Newbie

    Agency Arms polishes your internals, does some slide milling and frame stipple. All the internals from what I've read are exactly the same, its $1400.

    Ben at Boresight is a magician. I prefer to send my work through multiple places. I have a place in Iowa that does any machine work I need, a place in California for any frame work. I feel I am more than capable of handling the rest.
  3. Austin Black

    Austin Black Amateur

    If you send a gun to salient your spending more money on it than Matt Best does on fake tits!
  4. Matt

    Matt Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    I don't believe that the amount of money spent is really a valid discussion point. I am curious about end-user experience as it compares to their direct competitors (Agency, Zev, etc...). I spent $1800 on a M&P from ATEi. The "Roland Special" Glock package costs around $2,200. No one brings up price when you speak of those pistols so don't bring up price when you speak of Salient or others. Let's keep this a discussion solely focused on the product and it's performance -- not the price in dollars.
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  5. Tricks

    Tricks Amateur

    I have an Agency Arms G17 and love that gun. I have said it to many people that if they cant shoot spending any money on you gun will not help you to become a better shooter.

    I really think Agency Arms had a quality product. I think their trigger is one of the best GLOCK triggers I have used. There stippling provided enough grip with out it ruining you clothing. The "gas peddle" cut is sweet, I am able to really push down on it and keep the muzzle flatter.
    There slide work has more then looks in mined. All of the serrations "DNC collectors" as I have heard them called are on a angle that as you grip them drive you finger into the slide insuring a good grip.

    There customer service it also one of the best.

    I know that this gun dos not make me a better shooter, but I do have confidence in it and think all of the modifications are use full in a fighting gun. I carry this gun on duty and has become my off duty CCW gun because I just shoot it better then all my other guns.
  6. tact

    tact Regular Member

    Well since there was some bashing going on....I will add Arsenal Democracy to the go elsewhere list.
  7. Darth Tater

    Darth Tater Regular Member

    [QUOTE="Roland Deschain, post: 1001, member: 54"
    ZEV has put out some bullshit in the past but they recently got some fresh blood in their shop with a significant amount of tactical experience. I expect to see better things from them in the future.

    Now that it's been a couple years, does anyone have any fresh experience with ZEV? I'm weighing pros/cons of a ZEV slide with RMR cowitness mount vs. sending a slide to ATEI.

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