Course of Fire Announcement - For your critique


Hey guys, I thought I would post the course of fire for an up-coming competition I'm setting up for my club. This is a fairly basic shotgun/precision rifle/pistol course of fire that's shot internally with my club. I'm always looking to share ideas and do new things, so I thought I would post this to see if anyone else had any thoughts.

A few notes: My club is in CA, we have a lot of shooters who shoot ARs, but due to the complexity of laws here, it's kinda've a crap-shoot as far as getting enough people to squad ARs, and shooting a run-n-gun at 20 yards with a scoped bolt gun just doesn't make any sense.

I'll try to follow this up with some photos and video afterwards as an AAR.

The 5/19 shoot will be the first shoot of the year, as such this is going to mostly be a "training event" that will focus mostly on this years shooting objectives.

As stated previously, we are dropping tactical carbine for the moment. It's not that this skill isn't important, however due to the recent change in the laws, and in order to be compliant, it's officially dropped from all california events, and is officially replaced with a Precision Rifle event. The focus of the Precision Rifle (PR) will be on marksmanship fundamentals and unconventional shooting positions. While spring has sprung, most of these events will be shot during daylight hours as much as possible until gear is shook out, and skills have developed. We are going to shoot the same course of fire on both 5/19 and 6/16.


1) Handgun with spare magazines, 100 rounds of ammo
1a A holster that covers the trigger, and at least two magazine pouches
2) Shotgun with 50 rounds of bird shot
2a A means of carrying extra shotgun shells (dump pouch is OK)
3) A "Precision rifle" of centerfire caliber (WITH A SLING) and 40 rounds of ammunition

Course of Fire:

1) Start out in the pistol house - you are being attacked and overwhelmed by an army of clay pigeons on sticks, there are 9 of them that you must engage with your shotgun. You will fire your shotgun dry engaging targets, or will unload it after all targets have been engaged. There will be barricades and shoot boxes, you must stand in the shoot box (which is behind a barricade) before engaging targets, make the best use of cover you can. You will return to the starting position where you will find a downed comrade who was injured by the clay pigeons. Your comrade was providing cover fire for you against the pigeons and must be evacuated, sling your PR and move the casualty to the evacuation point, and proceed to the rifle range.

2) Objective 2 is on the rifle range - While you were tending to your wounded comrade you have found that your position is being advanced on by the allies of the clay pigeons: the IDPA Silhouette, however, due to fractions within the IDPA silhouette ranks, a number of them are holding off the main push, help them out by eliminating the 5 Silhouettes using your precision rifle. (100-200 yards)

3) Objective 3 with that crisis averted, you again find your position under threat, menaced by quickly approaching tennis balls, you will draw and fire your pistol hitting all 3. You will then return to the staging area.


Mandatory Safety Briefing at 5pm
Squadding - We should have two squads of 3
Shooting begins at 5:30pm

Shooting should be done by 8PM
Cleanup and leave by 9pm