Concealed carry options for staccato C2



Just curious about what holsters you are using for appendix CCW with the C2.

I am currently using an las concealment ronin (forstaccato p). It works, but is a little on the large size. My light of choice for the C2 is the stream light TLR7 (I have the las concealment saya on order).

what are you using that is comfortable and functional?


I really like the Tenicor line of holsters

I've used them to carry a p version and 5inch 2011 and they are my go to

they have models specific to the c2 with and without a small light. Im also with Matt, i wouldnt put a small light on that gun
I use the LAS Concealment Shogun and the Dark Star Gear Koala for the spare mag. I prefer keeping the holster and mag carrier separate, especially since I typically carry an extended mag, whether I’m carrying a Glock or the Staccato.

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Las Concealment and Tenicor here.

C2 also fits fine in a Malus Sol if you want to carry it with a real light.

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I have 2 holsters that work great for my C2.
My JMCK G17 with and X300U fits the Staccato P and C2 perfectly with a U Boat.

I just got a Tenicor SAGA Lux2 for the C2 with a TLR-7A and am even happier with that setup.
I have tried three different AIWB holsters for my Staccato P Duo and C2 Duo. I carry AIWB exclusively and with WML (Surefire X300B) and have purchased: 1) LAS Concealment Saya 2.0, 2) Tier 1 Concealment Axis Slim Elite, 3) Tenicor MALUS SOL. Magazine pouches were purchased from 1) LAS Concealment and 2) JM Custom Kydex (JMCK).

For reference, I am 5 foot 7 inches, 130 lbs, 36 inch chest, 28 inch waist and my Staccatos are carried with a Surefire X300B.

I have tried the Tenicor Certum 3 without WML and found that it does not conceal as well as the Tenicor MALUS SOL with a light.

Bottom Line: My favorites are #1 Tenicor MALUS SOL with JMCK mag pouch #2 Tier 1 Axis Slim Elite. However, I would not recommend the LAS Saya or its mag pouch.

From Left to Right: LAS Saya 2.0, Tier-1 concealment Axis Slim Elite, Tenicor Malus SOL
all holsters had some type of wedge foam.

Concealment garment
It is difficult to appreciate the feel of these holsters from the photos. The Tenicor Malus Sol concealed the best with most garments and movement. The LAS and Tier-1 were much more garment selective in being hidden, and thus less effective in concealment.

Not pictured is the Phlster Floodlight, which conceals well despite its larger package footprint. Hope this helps.