Combat Absolute --- Boise, ID



Kyle Gentry is the owner and lead instructor for Combat Absolute, based out of Boise, Idaho. Kyle was a LEO for 17 years in California, and was the lead firearm instructor for his agency. He was a SWAT operator, SWAT sniper, the SWAT Rangemaster and lead sniper instructor. Kyle was able to train with many of the country's top tier trainers, as well as some of the most respected SWAT teams. He previously worked for several privately owned companies as a firearm instructor.

After retiring from law enforcement, and relocating to Idaho, starting a firearm training company was the next logical evolution. With that, Combat Absolute came to be.

Combat Absolute offers:
  • Basic, intermediate and advanced pistol & carbine courses
  • Low-light pistol & carbine courses
  • Privately requested training
  • Website updated frequently with additional open enrollment courses
***Combat Absolute can arrange to bring training courses to other locations (such as Law Enforcement agency requests) at your hosting facility.

Stay safe, but stay dangerous.
-Kyle Gentry, Owner of Combat Absolute LLC-