Bodyweight Workout Programs/No Workout Equipment

So I have limited resources as I have zero workout equipment at the house currently. My wife and I have like the pull up bars for the doors and discussed purchasing sandbags like the brute force brand. What are some good bodyweight workout programs you would suggest? Are there any creative improvised excercises you use when you are limited or dont have equipment? (I am sure the military guys have encountered this on deployments) I do have several backpacks that could also be used for a rucking program. Currently work in uniform patrol. I also do Search and Rescue so cardio/endurance is important for long backpack hikes.

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FitnessFAQs and Calisthenicmovement channels on YouTube have a ton of good information, unconventional exercises, and sample workouts in their videos. They also have workout programs available on their websites.


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Heard one I did yesterday. I suggest going to a park. Run a lap around a baseball, soccer field or parking lot, what have you. Then 25 pushups, sit-ups, Russian twists, squats, calf raises, and 10 pull ups. Run another lap. Repeat the previous exercises minus one rep. Continue this until your out of pull ups or can’t continue. Modified as necessary.
One i liked underway was rounds as fast as i could of 5 pullups, 25 pushups, 30 squats holding a 45lb plate, then hold the plate for 10 "kettlebell"/plate swings on each arm. For a while there was no 45lb plate so i used a fire extinguisher as a weight


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#5 has tons of workouts to choose from, they have various filters so you can really lock in what you want to target (also is a youtube channel). Bobby maximus has a book out that has a whole back section filled with no equipment workouts as well as work outs that require equipment its called "Maximus Body". Finally if you are feeling particularly sadistic, you can buy two digital downloads from onnit (5 bucks a piece), they are called extreme kettle bell cardio, you need that and a 25 dollar 30lb kettle bell from Walmart and it will tax you in ways you never thought possible. I would recommend 30lbs as a max kettle bell weight, I started with a 45lb one and after one work out I went and immediately purchased a 30lb one. If you are new to kettle bells entirley id say 20 is a good starting weight. Hope this helps
I use workout apps when I travel. Currently theres one I like called Home Workout that has a free 30 day workout that rotates through Chest Back and Core and has legs in a separate module. Starts easy but ramps up to a very solid workout.
#7 My wife and I started street parking in December. They post 4 workouts each day going from no equipment up to access to a gym, we've really enjoyed it so far and have slowly started expanding our home gym to include a couple kettlebell sizes, dumbells, and a small bench to go with the pull up bar and random other things we already had.