Blindly Supporting

Matt Landfair

Matt Six Actual
Staff member
As I was pondering the attacks on our rights and our rights in general, I had a brief moment of relief. I took into consideration I am at the halfway mark in my life and I may not have to endure seeing everything stripped away from the American citizen. This pause in reality was suddenly taken over and greatly overwhelmed by sadness and dread at the thought of what my daughter may have to live through. What about our future generations?

Our rights don't end with us, they live with our children and thier children long after we pass. This is why it is paramount that we as responsible and thoughtful adults study our options in how to defend our Rights before needing to take up arms. Many organizations claim to defend us, they claim to defend our Rights, they claim to take action in direct opposition to those who would violate our Rights- are they really?

There is a tremendous amount of pressure socially to endorse organizations blindly - resist that pressure. Do your due diligence in researching these organizations. Don't blindly listen. Don't blindly follow. Ask for proof. See the fruits of their labor. Smoke and mirrors are everywhere and some organizations are merely padding their wallets with minimal efforts. Are emails and awareness they provide sufficient efforts for your money?

My research has lead me to support the Firearms Policy Coalition. Support includes likes and shares, it includes words and deeds, and sadly but most importantly support includes money - donating money to the cause. If you are unable to fully support as outlined above, at minimum support where you can.

Don't blindly follow. That message includes not blindly following me.