Blackhawk Omnivore & Safariland Belt Attachment: Adapter/Solution/Guide

So after getting a Blackhawk Omnivore holster and liking it for the versatility I knew I had to do something to replace the belt attachment options that they had because 1. the belt slide is weak and under built 2. I don't like the paddle style 3. I wasn't going to buy a whole bunch of Blackhawk disconnect kits since I have so much Safariland stuff.

Every single thread I read about this end the same way with everyone (like usual on the internet) ignoring the original question. How can I attach a Blackhawk Omnivore to standard Safariland belt attachment options?

After looking for a solution, and every single thread getting derailed with: 'just buy this thing instead' or 'drill out QLS plates' I found (read: I did not make, simply passing this along) someone who made a 3D printable solution, and after getting 2 made, they are working quite well. I made this thread to help out others who wanted to use the Omnivore couldn't find a way to attach it to Safariland equipment. This uses the standard Blackhawk screws to attach the adapter to the holster, and standard Safariland screws (male/female components), so no going to the hardware store to 'find something that works'. If anyone updates the files and refines it please let me know so I can have a few more made to try them out. Links/files/credit all below

Link: *Credit SamuelG *
If the link dies or does not work, IM me and I will email you the .STL / .SLDPRT files

There are 4 Safariland screw sizes and I had to use the one highlighted

I also had to remove the bottom numb from the adapater


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Very cool solution. Glad you found a good one! I love the ingenuity that’s prevalent in the community right now. I know I do a LOT of modding to make my gear just right!
Good post! I've been meaning to post this exact same solution. There was a comment on Presscheck's youtube video on the omnivore that linked this printed adapter. I've been using it for a few months on a Safariland QLS mid-ride and it's working great, but I'm just doing flat range stuff, not rolling around. Printed at 100% infill out of PLA on my cheapo Monoprice printer. When using the adapter for a QLS plate I did not even have to remove the bottom nub.

Another cool Omnivore feature that I just discovered yesterday: if you mount the MantisX backwards (screw towards the grip), the angle of the body is very similar to the back edge of the Streamlight TLR-1 HL. So similar in fact that the TLR-1 Omnivore grabs it! Been playing with that for dry fire. I do use the flat head screw, not the thumb screw - not sure if the thumb screw would clear.

I've read about cutting the front half of the Omnivore off to make kind of a race, suppressor compatible holster. Looking for something for my 22/45+can setup. I'll probably give that a whirl, as these are pretty cheap. I opened up the bottom already and it works, but the draw is a little awkward.
What material did you use? I'm worried about the durability, since I'm not too familiar with 3d printing materials.
I'm looking at glass filled nylon from for around $37 since polymer guns are usually made from Zytel, a specific glass filled nylon.

Pairing this with a Walther PPQ with Jarvis-Custom Comp(Not yet available, will be 5" in length), Aimpoint Acro P-1(should be plenty of clearance on the omnivore) and a Surefire x300 b model( I know I have to dremel the inside of the omnivore for the screw to have room.), Safariland UBL mid-ride.
I wanted to go with the TLR for price, but the amazon review talk about how the TLR breaks the picatinny rail of the PPQ regularly and that the trigger is exposed.

Haven't been able to confirm that the trigger isn't exposed with the Surefire x300 models, so if anyone could confirm that with pictures I would really appreciate it.

For those curious:
The holster and light combo is ~$390

The above future pistol build is ~$1900 + PPQ 4" 9mm
I had to guesstimate the price of the compensator and landmprecision's future work on the slide a bit.
Glass filled nylon should be more than fine. I am curious why you choose to look at amazon reviews of a TLR when you are already here and have this fantastic forum for a reference.

I have seen many TLR'ed guns have problems, that have all been cause by user error (read: many people have no idea how to install them and think you should put it on and crank on the screw with a screwdriver until it wont turn anymore instead of reading the manual). This shows as either gouging the rails/frames of their guns, which if enough force is applied can break rails I suppose, or FTF/FTE on weaker front dust covers from the screw clamp pinching on the slide and slowing it down or not letting it fully reciprocate. Trigger is covered fine, another strike against amazon reviews, see picture below.

rofl, I looked at the TLR sort of. I was looking at the Omnivore TLR model to see if anyone knew about the trigger being exposed. I thought a product specific page on amazon would gleam more "concentrated" results. Sort of did, mostly showed me Fudds online.

I see on that glock it's covered fine, but what about the PPQ? It's picatinny rail is positioned differently and I just want to be sure. Thank you very much for helping me though
I had a friend of a friend print it and he told me it cost like $0.25 worth of material and didn't want anything for them, before asking I asked 2 online contractors (right term?) and they quoted me $20/ea...find a friend of a friend
I have a 3D printer and can probably churn some out for sale cheaply sans screws if there's demand. I have a TLR Omnivore and some Safariland hardware to test with, too. I'll report back later on how it goes. Probably would be PLA since I don't like to print ABS inside the house.
I would think that it would simply based on the reverse-able? design on this since it just 1 hole pattern on 1 side and vice versa. I don't have a thigh rig but I assume its the same pattern as a belt mount. If I have time this weekend I will see if I can make it work with the ones I have already.