Beretta 1301 Maintenance

So picked up an LTT 1301 from Langdon. I am new to shotguns in general. So, a couple general quetions I am hoping yall can help me with. For lubrication, I assume its not much different than an AR. Quality lube and hit all the standard areas on the bolt. Anywhere else? As for cleaning, I have watched the video that Ernest put out, but does this shotgun need to be broken down that far for every cleaning? Is there a rough round count for when this level of cleaning should be performed? My 1301 came with one choke tube from LTT. I assume this tube is what LTT sends out with this shotgun. How tight should the choke tube be? It was finger tight when I got the shotgun. I used the tool to reinstall it, but not sure how tight to crank down.

Every company (I'm talking about the good manufacturers) produces a maintenance manual for each model. You should go to their website or find a video on youtube to get more accurate information. By the way, have any of you noticed that gun stores are selling much less ammunition and other ammunition than they used to? For example, I can't find 209 primers for my shotshell. My friend Simon used to own a small gun store, but he was forced to close his store a couple of months ago. Simon said it was because of supply problems. I think all the weapons and ammunition are being shipped to Ukraine.