ATN User Data Collection by the DOJ

Read a Forbes article on the DOJ requesting all Android and iOS App Store user data for those who have downloaded ATN’s Obsidian4 mobile scope app. It’s pretty ingenious. By hitting the App Store the DOJ can obtain the user’s real name, address, app installation and usage telemetry, IP, as well as billing information irrespective of an individual apps privacy policy.

The article says this is to look for ITAR violations but the request is for all app user data not just those without a US IP address. Would knowing about this type of data collection change what apps you are willing to install on your phone and use- for example the Mantis X?

Dan Arnold

Network Support I
I'm not arguing there aren't privacy concerns with what the DOJ is doing here, but there is an alarming number of ATN thermal optics showing up in the hands of ISIS and the Taliban. So there are legit reasons to do an ITAR investigation.
Once you have a product in general civilian hands, it's going to be easy to get them world wide. If the DOJ was looking for outside the US IP and user data it might be ok, but it's not ok to just get all the data. We all know once the government has the data it is never deleted.