Aridus CROM with an Holosun Micro Dot?

I'm looking for opinions using this combo on my Beretta 1301 Tactical. Maybe I'm wrong but from what I can tell, the Holosun HE515GM the same footprint as the Aimpoint T2. I'm wanting to put my T2 back on a rifle and replace it with the Holosun. I like the fact the Holosun has shake awake ability along with the multi reticle of a dot and circle. My 1301 would be my home defense gun. What do you think of this set up? Anyone else use a combo like this? Are there better options or should I just leave the T2 on it and put another red dot on my rifle? Thanks
I had a Holosun on mine when I had it, I didn’t have the crom though. It survived the day I had it on the fun t try it out. I can’t remember the round count but I shot 00 buck, 000 buck, high brass/low brass bird shot and slugs with out an issue. I have used the site on three different AR’s ranging from 11.5 to 16 inches. Never a flicker or folly from it and too date I haven’t replaced the battery yet, still has the original one from when I got it in trade some years a go. I have the 503CU which is just the battery operated circle dot/ dot reticule in red. I wouldn’t hesitate to get another one, in fact I bought a 407c (2 moa dot RMR clone) to put on my 11.5 ar pistol.

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I’d put the T2 on whatever your primary HD/serious use gun is going to be. That being said, I have a Vortex Crossfire in the CROM for my 870. Obviously different optic on a different gun but they’re all supposed to share the micro Aimpoint mounting profile. Unfortunately I have yet to use it, but it seems great.

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I see a couple advantages of going with this set up. One is the "donut of death" reticle. A 2 MOA dot with a 65 MOA circle seems to be the ideal reticle for home defense use. The second adavantage I see is the shake awake technology. Having that ability along with the 50,000 hour battery life, seems to negate any adavantage the T2 may have. I like my T2 but want to move it back on an AR pistol. Durability on a shotgun was the only concern I had with the Holosun but Nowski as eased some of my fears. Thanks for the responses.
Just bringing this back up to the top. New guy here and I've had a Beretta 1301 for a little over a year now. I've taken both the Rangemaster Defensive Shotgun and the Defensive Shotgun Instructor courses and had a chance to play with a few red dot shotguns and I really want to add one now.
And I'm really leaning towards the Holosun for the above mentioned reasons but I'm wondering how reliable it will be. So has anyone used this long term yet?