Aridus CROM with an Holosun Micro Dot?

I'm looking for opinions using this combo on my Beretta 1301 Tactical. Maybe I'm wrong but from what I can tell, the Holosun HE515GM the same footprint as the Aimpoint T2. I'm wanting to put my T2 back on a rifle and replace it with the Holosun. I like the fact the Holosun has shake awake ability along with the multi reticle of a dot and circle. My 1301 would be my home defense gun. What do you think of this set up? Anyone else use a combo like this? Are there better options or should I just leave the T2 on it and put another red dot on my rifle? Thanks
I had a Holosun on mine when I had it, I didn’t have the crom though. It survived the day I had it on the fun t try it out. I can’t remember the round count but I shot 00 buck, 000 buck, high brass/low brass bird shot and slugs with out an issue. I have used the site on three different AR’s ranging from 11.5 to 16 inches. Never a flicker or folly from it and too date I haven’t replaced the battery yet, still has the original one from when I got it in trade some years a go. I have the 503CU which is just the battery operated circle dot/ dot reticule in red. I wouldn’t hesitate to get another one, in fact I bought a 407c (2 moa dot RMR clone) to put on my 11.5 ar pistol.

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I’d put the T2 on whatever your primary HD/serious use gun is going to be. That being said, I have a Vortex Crossfire in the CROM for my 870. Obviously different optic on a different gun but they’re all supposed to share the micro Aimpoint mounting profile. Unfortunately I have yet to use it, but it seems great.

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I see a couple advantages of going with this set up. One is the "donut of death" reticle. A 2 MOA dot with a 65 MOA circle seems to be the ideal reticle for home defense use. The second adavantage I see is the shake awake technology. Having that ability along with the 50,000 hour battery life, seems to negate any adavantage the T2 may have. I like my T2 but want to move it back on an AR pistol. Durability on a shotgun was the only concern I had with the Holosun but Nowski as eased some of my fears. Thanks for the responses.