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At Area Cinza Consulting we help to facilitate a safe and secure working environment for clients visiting and doing business in dynamic environments (domestic, hostile, hazardous).

Because of the current global focus on Latin America, Area Cinza has strategically positioned itself in Brazil. It is apparent that the region is not prepared to meet the security needs and demands expected from the international business community.

Who We Are:

Area Cinza Consulting is an operational risk management and security services provider that enables companies and individuals to manage a diverse range of security and integrity risks in the complex environments around the world. We provide expert consultancy through vital analysis, physical security, recovery capabilities and in-depth investigations, in order to yield practical solutions for protection and support to our clients.

We ensure the upmost discretion, professionalism and results driven capability to our clients in the ever-changing world.

Our Services:

1. Operational Risk Management and Consulting

Area Cinza Consulting provides customized risk assessments including security planning and management to help companies better protect their business, executives, staff, assets, information, reputation and brand image.

Our security experts can assist clients in understanding and addressing their operational and security risks as well as reveal the threats they are exposed to.

Risk Management and Consulting services that we offer:

· Risk Assessments

· Security Briefings for Executives, Staff or Family Members

· Threat and Vulnerability Assessments

· Counter-Intelligence Briefings and Support

· Budget-conscious Solutions

2. Due Diligence and Background screening

Area Cinza Consulting provide expert services to assist clients preparing to expand into emerging markets by allowing them to be aware of and mitigate any corrupt practices or criminal activity and be better positioned to choose the right business partner or employee.

Some of our Analyst services include:

· Political Profiling

· Tax Profiling

· Risk & Threat Assessments

· Regional Security Briefs

· Professional Confirmation

· Litigation

· Forensic Data Collection & Analysis

3. Protective services

Area Cinza Consulting has a broad network of vetted professionals and service providers throughout Latin America as well as expertise in other emerging markets. We develop customized physical security plans to best protect clients against threats, risks and vulnerabilities.

Our personnel have served with Military, Federal, State law enforcement and intelligence agencies and have diplomatic and executive protection experience.

Area Cinza Consulting have experience supporting Fortune 500 CEOs, Presidents, business executives, international athletes and celebrities, media and production groups, NGO personnel, as well as high net worth individuals in South America, Europe, Asia and Africa.

Protective Services that we offer:

· Close Protection Support

· Personal Security and Travel Awareness

· Security Operations Center

· Crisis Management & Evacuation Planning

· Incident Response

Protective services for previous major events held in Brazil:

Area Cinza has been providing security and logistical support for multinational corporations, media groups, celebrities, athletes and individuals during the some of the biggest events Brazil has hosted in recent years.

4. Logistics services

Our logistics experts at Area Cinza Consulting can take care of all your travel arrangements – from booking flights and making hotel arrangements to planning and implementing proper precautions for the environment you will be visiting.

Our services are tailored to your specific requirements.

Logistics services we offer:

· Travel Planning and Coordination

· Transportation (including armoured vehicles)

· Tracking technology

· Camp/Site Services (Life Support)

· Communications

· Access Control for Events

5. Training

Area Cinza Consulting is a global security training provider, offering specialized and tailored training to meet your requirements across a broad spectrum of specialist skills and environs (Domestic, Hostile or Hazardous). Area Cinza, through utilisation of its highly experienced subject matter experts can deliver senior management oversight, scenario based exercises, consulting and training to meet your business needs.

6. Recovery

Area Cinza Consulting provides expert human asset recovery in all environs. Our special recovery subject matter experts undertake the rescue and repatriation of the victims of human trafficking, kidnapping, child abduction or slavery, with the utmost discretion and professionalism.

7. Geospatial Intelligence Services

Area Cinza exploits Esri technology into its Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) capabilities. By leveraging Esri-based Geospatial tools, Area Cinza can offer clients a spatially-aware decision making process. Examples of these offerings are GIS for VIP Protection and Security, Site Risk Assessments and mapping, tracking solutions, as well as Critical Incident Management.