Applied Ballistics 2016 Seminars


Training Opportunity:
We now have registration open for the 2016 Seminars.

May 23-24th in Dallas, Texas.
July 18-19th in Michigan.
November 3-4th Sophia, North Carolina.

What you get:
1. Complete set of AB Books. (230$ Value)
2. AB Analytics (on up to 3 computers). (200$ Value)
3. Challenge Coin for finishing the course (only available upon completion.)
4. Applied Ballistics Binder with course layout, notes, work sheets, utility pages,
5. The most important part, 8 Hours of instruction over 2 days from Bryan Litz. Plus breakout sessions including hands on demos of the devices/apps.

Side note, the what is way more intensive than what you see on the sign up. This is just some of what we covered in the last one: Trajectory Build Up, Trajectory Features, Sights, Aerodynamic Drag Modeling, Ballistic Coefficient (also how to judge a bullets BC, and how to tell if a BC is realistic), Mechanism of Wind Deflection and Analysis, Wind Strategies, Laser Range Finders, Lasers how they work, how to judge their abilities, Basic Spin Stability, Advanced Spin Stability, Secondary Effects, Weapon Employment Zone, Ballistic Solvers Basic, Ballistic Solvers Advanced, epicyclical swerve, group divergence (the myth). These are just some of the main sections, and don't cover the more detailed studies done inside each chapter. Guest speakers covering their respective areas. Plus its open Q&A, so we answered tons of questions. These are main sections, each can break down into many specific areas, for instance Spin Stability included: Twist Rate Effects, Physical reasoning and calculation for MV lost to faster twist, Gyroscopic Stability Factor, How to truly determine Twist Rate, Conservation of Energy, Twist Rate Effects on MV, Can Twist Rates Impair Precision, Twist Rates Effect on BC, and more. That was just some of what was covered in Basic Spin Stability, Advanced and the other chapters were just as detailed.

These are small class style, to allow users one on one discussions and questions with the speaker.

To register and get more info go here: