AIWB for Roland Special on a short guy?


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This is a new release, they finally have a holster for a full size duty light. Not sure about training with a hot comp without the comp being covered in this holster though:

Well, I bought two holsters from Tenicor. I purchased a Malus Sol which holds a Surefire X300U light appendix and I also hedged my bets just in case that didn't actually work for me and I also bought a Tenicor Sagax Lux holster which holds a compact light Appendix.

I also ordered a new X300U-B 1000 lumen light for the Malus Sol. I haven't actually carried in the holsters yet on the street. The X300U is a Christmas present so it will be after that.

Still shopping for a compact WML for the Sagax Lux.

Recommendations for a compact light? TR-7 or Nightstick 550 XL or something different? The TLR-7 with the new switching is interesting but it isn't release yet and the Maybe to be release Surefire XR1 is also interesting.

If I wanted something for a compact light before Christmas, what would be your choice? Wanted the XR1, but since it was released last Feb and hasn't seen the street yet, not sure how long I will have to wait for that one. If you bought something that was available TODAY, what would it be for a compact light?
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While the new X300U is a Christmas present and hasn't been opened yet, I'm running the Malus Sol with the older X300U and I am surprised that a short, slightly overweight fella can pull off that big light AIWB. I was out today and sitting in the car, felt a little pressure, but life was better than anything else that I have tried.

While the Streamlight TLR 7A high switch is also a Christmas gift, I opened it up and put it on the second G19.5 with the Sagax Lux and it is just damn sweet. For everyday carry the TLR-7A and Sagax Lux is a combo that I can live with for a long time. I still have to get this gun milled for the second RM06 and once vetted this will be my EDC.

Shopping at night right now the Malus Sol is the go to combo.
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Another quick follow up to this thread: After carrying the compensated 19.5 with the older X300U AIWB for a couple of weeks, I'm surprised that I can pull it off. It's still not easy to tie my shoes with this thing on but still feel the squeeze is worth the juice.

The second comment on the Mal Sol specifically is about running drills and reholstering. Since the holster has an open bottom for the comp to protrude, I wasn't sure if I could run the gun and reholster it after running drills. I shot about 150 rounds yesterday and even ran a couple of full mag dumps with the comped gun. Reholstering it was a non issue as far as the comp being too hot to reholster. Note: I didn't do a 500 round training day. Bottom line: I didn't burnt anything while training and reholstering with this holster.


Just posted this in the Roland thread... I really like the Phlster Floodlight. I plan to play around with the clips instead of loops. I may try the Discreet Carry clips.


I am 5'7", 164lbs and I can't do it. I can manage the 19 with a single port comp but not the X300... It's just too wide. My compromise was to use a TLR7 with the new Tenicor Sagax Lux which works great but is the maximum size I could comfortably wear and still retain a full range of motion when bending and squatting.

Thought I'd come back to this thread to eat some crow... Apparently I can carry a Roland Special with the correct gear and adjustments.

1.) Henry Holsters Spark with DCC clips
2.) Mastermind Tactics belt
3.) Wear my pants higher on my waist

The Spark is unbelievably comfortable considering how much gun it's concealing. I also tried the Bawidamann Gotham and it was a very close second but the footprint is wider than the Spark and didn't let me move the holster close enough to my centerline to prevent the light from digging into my inner leg. The Spark also conceals as good or better than anything else I've tried, as crazy as that seems. I don't even use a wedge but the extra length and width still pushes the grip into my body the best I've used... That extra footprint also eliminates any hotspots/pressure points on my pelvic region.

The MM belt removed the hoola hoop my previous very stiff tactical belt created. I miss the convenience of the Cobra buckle but the increased concealment is worth the extra hassle.

And finally, actually wearing my high waisted pants high on my waist gave me the extra space needed to fit the longer muzzle. It's an old man look for sure but with my shirt untucked no one can see it anyway. It felt weird for a few days but I quickly adjusted. I still can't believe I can fully conceal a Roland Special on my person And in relative comfort but I'm doing it so it's real. Deep bends can still be uncomfortable but normal sitting/driving is a non-issue. I've mowed grass on my zero turn in 100° heat for over 4 hours without even thinking about it and I spent a weekend installing a new shower in our bathroom, crawling, bending, squatting, etc, again without issue. Now my tiny seeming G19/TLR7 feels strange to wear, lol.


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Glad that it is working out for you Gear Fondler. Nice to hear a positive report. Just completed a 2 1/2 hour drive with my RSish carry. I also rode the rider for a couple of hours today and in 90+F was swinging a Mattocks for a couple of hours in this heat too. Damn, can an old guy sweat, but it was my cardio for the day for sure.

No problems with the carry, just need 3 asprin to sleep from the yard work.