Agency MOS to AOS adaptation.

We have one example on hand and it’s a very nice system. The owner was frustrated by the factory MOS plate coming loose repeatedly. He sent his MOS slide off to Agency and after waiting forever got it back.

The fit and finish is very nice and they obviously did their homework to avoid cutting into any voids and interfering with the safe operation of the firearm.

If you’re looking for a future proof alternative to the MOS this may be an option for you.
The tolerances are razor thin in some areas and you can see the gap they describe in the rear left by the MOS cut rear dovetail.

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The very first Glock 19 I ever purchased I sent off to be milled during my poor college student days and failed to research the company doing it. The guy cut a rectangular hole for the RMR in the slide with no bosses and no radius cut on the front to mirror the RMR foot print. Any type of impact on the optic body would cause a shift in the optic resulting in a loss of zero.

I sent it to Agency about 6 months ago and got it back and I have been incredibly happy with the results. They took what was essentially a destroyed slide and turned it into something great for me.
I was originally considering this before Glock so considerately made a non-MOS FS gun. So now I’m deciding who to have mill my slide.
My natural instinct is to stick with the AOS but I know several people running ATEI guns with good results, however I do believe they are all purpose-milled and not the Pro-cut.
Any feedback on the difference between both systems?
We only have a sample size of 5 or so out of 275 using the Agency AOS and this one is the only that started life as a factory MOS. I’m not aware of one failure or issue related to the mounting system in our program. The advantage is future proofing your gun if you have to have the latest and greatest optic and the footprint changes. I personally have mine milled to the optic and have had no issues either. If you like the work Agency does I’m comfortable recommending them.
The biggest complaint has been long lead times.
We noticed that too and I can only assume they put it together thinking it was irons rear.
To be honest it made no difference in sight picture but it bugged us and the owner so we switched it. Just not pictured.