AAR: Super Dave Harrington - Pistol - Iowa - October 2016

After Action Report - Super Dave Harrington's Combat Speed Pistol

5W's and 1H
• Who: Dave "Super Dave" Harrington - Combat Speed LLC.
• What (Course): Combat Speed Pistol.
• When: October 27-28, 2016.
• Where: LHGK - Council Bluffs, IA.
• Why: You should always strive to be better than the opposition." - SDH
• How: Discussion, Demonstration, Practical Application.

• Dave "Super Dave" Harrington is a retired Senior Weapons Instructor from the John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center at Ft. Bragg, NC. Dave served a total of 23 years in the military, with the last 16 spent in the Special Operations Community.

• Numbers: 12 (Course Max)
• Prior Students: 7 of the students in this Course had trained with Dave previously.
• Backgrounds: A mix of Active/Former Law Enforcement and MIL.

Firearms / Ammunition / Equipment
• Glocks (9), Sig, Walther PPQ, Beretta 92G-SD.
• Firearms - No problems to report.
• Round Count - 1500+ per student.
• Ammunition - No problems to report.
• Equipment - No problems to report.

Topics Overview (abbreviated)
• Safety, Mindset...and Combat Mindset.
• Combat Speed (Harrington) philosophy - You must have options.
• Importance of knowing how your pistol works.
• Importance of Dry Fire and Dry (Empty) Pistol Manipulations.
• Importance of being able to manipulate / shoot your pistol with both hands (Amphibious).
• Point Shooting.
• Sighted Firing - Time and Distance Considerations.
• Practice VS Training VS Performance.
• Printing of Sights / Firearm.
• How to organize practice / range sessions.
• Trigger Control and Trigger Reset - Time and Distance Considerations.
• Low and No Light Pistol Manipulations and Usage.
• Flashlight Techniques and Usage Considerations.
• Multiple Targets.
• Shooting around other People and Space Considerations.
• Shooting on the Move - Forward, Backward, Diagonally (Forward / Backward).

Course Overview (abbreviated)
There are a few things that I can confirm when it comes to attending a Super Dave Course...
1 - You will be challenged mentally and physically.
2 - Get ready for Marksmanship work.
3 - You will get plenty of time to work on your shooting on the move skills...or lack thereof.
4 - You will get a new / renewed appreciation for ALWAYS being ready...TOP IT OFF.
5 - You gunhandling confidence / ability / skills will improve.
6 - Dave has one purpose while he is on location...BE THERE FOR YOU.

This was a my second Course with Super Dave, the first taking place a few years ago when I hosted him for a Pistol/Carbine Course. With that said, I had a good idea of what to expect as far as how Dave runs things and I wasn't surprised when Dave showed up ready to roll the day before the Course started. I picked up Dave at the airport, then headed out to the range for some final preparation.

TD1 started off with a few of us linking up with Dave for breakfast and then a quick convoy to the range. All the logistics / standard briefs were covered and then we jumped into philosophy, mindset, manipulations and dry fire. Next came all sorts of marksmanship work at 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 using all combinations of shooting platforms (Two Hand, Strong Hand Only, Weak Hand Only). Lunch was a quick one which rolled right into reloads, malfunctions and working at extended distances out to 50+ yards. After a short supper break it was onto low and no light topics which included light usage, flashlights, techniques, manipulations, movement, ETC.

TD2 started off with a few of us grabbing breakfast with Dave again and chatting up a slew of topics, then off to the range again. A recap of TD1 and more drills led into a TONS of shooting on the move and then into another quick lunch break. Post lunch we were back at shooting on the move, eventually wrapping TD2 and the Course with marksmanship drills. As a group we knocked out range clean up and Dave recapped the past two days, giving us some things to think about before we were scattered to the wind.

Solid Course in every regard and Dave was organized, focused and motivated from start to finish. There is no doubt that Dave has one goal when he arrives on location; to help in any way he can. He welcomes questions and challenges students throughout on a variety of levels from individual development to instructor development...a huge learning opportunity and a pleasure and honor to host him.

Shout out to all of those that were able to make this one work with their schedules, always great to link up with like-minded individuals that give a damn and want to get better.

V/r - Rob