5.56 Krink problems?


So I recently re-listened to the AK episode and they were discussing the fact that apparently 5.56 krinks have an inherent flaw that makes them dangerous to shoot long periods. I've not heard about this anywhere else and would assume that there'd be a bunch of negative reviews from SLR106-58 users but I don't see anything of the kind.

Long term 5.56 AK users having any problems? Or heard of any?


i think they were talking about mostly high amounts of automatic fire. i have owned 5.56 krinks and have not had any issue with them as far as function goes. I ended up offloading mine because im just not a fan of 5.56 out of such a short barrel, but they functioned perfectly for me. i highly doubt you will be putting enough ammo through the gun with steady fully automatic fire to experience any of the issues they were discussing. but i dont know you so i guess its a possibility